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Asian women are synonymous with beauty, elegance, and strong family values. If you are single, you should be meeting them.

Asian women are waiting to meet you!!

50% of the world is female.

60% of the world’s population is in Asia.

There are over 2 billion women in Asia.

There is only one YOU.

The odds are definitely in your favor, but how can you meet lovely, sincere, single Asian ladies?

How could you have the opportunity to get to know Thai Women, Filipino women, Chinese Women and more?

The answer for thousands of men has been Asian dating through A Foreign Affair’s singles vacations.

Why Asian Women?

Why Asian women? It’s simple. Asian women make better brides.

So many Asian women on your singles vacation

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Family focus:

Women in the West increasingly don’t see a family as their future. Asian women, on the other hand, are entirely focused on family. Whereas Western families are often distant and disconnected, for Asian women, family is an important part of their daily lives. If you see yourself becoming a father and a family’s provider, you can certainly find an Asian woman who will be more than happy to help you achieve that vision.

Feminine Beauty:

Asian women are the ideal of feminine elegance for many men. Asian women pride themselves on maintaining fantastic figures, even as mothers. They also want to be beautiful and attractive for their man. Not viewing this as a chore, Asian women consider looking their best to be a sign of respect for themselves and their spouse. Thai Women, Chinese Women, and Filipino women are especially known for their elegant appearance and youthfulness.


Asian women are typically respectful of, and happier in, traditional gender roles. Asian women aren’t trying to be men. They embrace their femininity and happily embrace a husband who is content being his masculine self. They aren’t trying to compete with you for head of the household, but will happily follow your lead, so long as you guide well.


Asian women still believe in the old fashioned notion of meeting, falling in love, getting married and building a family. They tend not to agree with the modern Western idea that relationships exist to serve them and their needs. Rather, they view relationships as a life-long commitment to something larger than themselves.

Some of the most stunning actresses, models, and entertainers are also from Asia, and that’s not by chance. Asian women simply have a higher standard of beauty and expect more of themselves than other women. And life is just, frankly, better when you are going through it with an Asian beauty by your side.

Why Asian Women Are Interested in You!

On our site, there are thousands of Asian women who are sincerely searching for a foreign partner. But why would gorgeous Asian women be interested in foreign partners, including older foreign partners?

Relationship Stability:

Infidelity is the reality for far too many Asian women, assuming they can even find a partner.

Nearly 40% of Filipino men engage in extramarital affairs according to some governmental studies. Filipino men setting up multiple families is also not an uncommon situation since the country doesn’t have divorce.

Male infidelity rates in Thailand have been reported as high as 54% by some surveys.

Chinese men have been reported as having infidelity rates as high as 60%.

Asian women interested in having a stable, loving, committed relationship have great difficulty finding that at home. Why wouldn’t they seek a foreign husband who is ready to commit to the future?

Western Romantic Ideas:

Historically, women in many Asian societies have had a tougher time when it comes to married life than western women. Western ideas of romance, chivalry, fidelity, are prized and largely preferred by many Asian women when compared to what they often experience with a partner from their own culture.

While not all Western men live up to the idea of chivalry and treating your partner with gentleness and compassion, the concept is idealized among Asian women. Foreign partners, to them, are synonymous with a loving and caring mate.


Facets of their culture can be devastating for an Asian woman’s romantic aspirations. In China, for example, women are somewhat of a commodity, a commodity that starts losing value if they aren’t married in their early 20’s.

Chinese men, by and large, want a subservient housewife and are uncomfortable with the idea of a woman who is remotely independent. As a result, there are so many Chinese women who are well-educated, earning good salaries, and can’t even find a boyfriend.

A new term has arisen for these women, “Sheng Nu”, which literally translates to “leftover-woman.” These Chinese women no longer see their future as including a partner from their own country, but rather a foreign spouse who can appreciate their intelligence and desire to build a life together.


While you may not consider yourself to be exotic, many Asian women do. Asian cultures often have strict expectations when it comes to courting and even letting a woman know that you are interested in her. These traditions can be tedious for Asian women.

As a foreigner who speaks and acts differently, has a different perspective to share and isn’t afraid to be bold and let her know how interested you really are; you are exotic and captivating to Asian women.

Why Our Asian Tours and Where Will You Go?

Our Asian singles tours currently include three of the more fascinating countries in the world:


The Philippines is your go-to if you are looking for a traditionally religious bride, as the people of this island nation are predominantly Catholic. Shared values are a good starting point in any relationship, but beauty is unbeatable.

And when it comes to beauty, the Philippines has a breathtaking amount. So many Miss Universe and other beauty pageant winners have come from these islands, and with good reason. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and other European ethnic influences can be found within the gorgeous Filipinas you will meet.

A Filipina’s beauty, however, is much more than skin deep. They are women well-known for their warmth, care, and being more concerned with who a man is, rather than how he looks.

Your tour options include Cebu and Davao. On both tours, you will enjoy the best experiences the city has to offer, including world-class hotel accommodations.

White sand beaches, exciting nightlife, resorts, island hopping, and more lovely Filipino women than you’ve ever dreamed of meeting await you at our socials!


Bangkok is a booming international metropolis of around 10 million and a tourism hotspot. Thailand’s history will impress you. Thailand’s architecture and culture will astound you. The beauty of Thai women will overwhelm you.

From the tourist attractions to the nightlife, there are few more astonishing cities than Bangkok. There aren’t many more thrilling journeys than enjoying the city with a dazzling Thai woman.

Imagine taking in Wat Arun, with your future wife. Imagine navigating the city at night with local staff who are dedicated to making sure you enjoy the best of Bangkok. Imagine meeting so many stunning Thai women who are sincerely searching for a foreign husband like you.

Your days will be filled with dates, sensational shopping, along with wondrous and centuries-old sights. Your evenings will include socials where you will meet dozens of women. Your nights will be spent in a luxurious world-class hotel.


Your Asian bride is waiting..

The country of China is a modern marvel, and the Chinese women who call it home are simply marvelous. Entrepreneurial, educated, enchanting, traditional and tragically incapable of finding a husband at home.

25% of women in China between 25 and 29 are unmarried, despite 25+ already being considered an older age range for unmarried women. There are thousands of Chinese women on our site anxiously waiting to meet someone like you, who could be the man of their dreams and their husband..

On our Chinese Singles Vacations, you can visit two of the premier and strikingly modern cities in the country: Shenzhen and Chongqing. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the Orient, experiencing a civilization with a history spanning thousands of years, or meeting your beautiful Asian bride, China is the place to be. The Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Happy Valley, and skyscrapers galore in bustling metropolises round out the experience.

Enjoy the food, the nightlife, the night markets, the rich and unique culture, the landmarks, and do it all with a gorgeous Chinese woman by your side.

Why Wait?

Our Romance tours are world-renowned for the service, accommodation, and attention to detail we provide. They include:


  • Two fully catered, specific invitation, large Socials
  • Top-class Hotel accommodations in each of our cities
  • Unlimited Personal Introductions
  • Complimentary interpreters provided at all Socials
  • Airport Pickup
  • Breakfast daily
  • One hotel area and city orientation tour
  • 24-hour hospitality and guidance from our AFA staff
  • In-house complimentary interpreting services located in the AFA office
  • 1 month Platinum Membership ($95.00 value)

Our tours are designed to take care of all the minute details you are normally concerned with during solo travel - where to eat, where to stay, transportation around the city, meetings, introductions, etc…

You can relax and focus every ounce of your attention on the hundred-plus alluring women you’ll meet each night at our singles parties. Our contributions to the excitement will include your daily introductions to these women by our highly trained, professional matchmakers. We pride ourselves on dedication to our clients and ensuring you have the best possible matchmaking singles vacation!

You simply couldn’t put together a more affordable, action-packed Asian adventure on your own. And you would never have the opportunity to meet the hundreds of amazing Asian women attending our socials on your own.

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Wilford L

I want to also thank Helen who was very kind and dedicated. She was waiting for me in the airport for a long time because my flight was delayed but she was still smiling the whole time. I really appreciate it. She also did a good job at the social. Best regards,


Regardless if it works out with the girl I am seeing, I will never date in America again. I just did not realize the differences in the way women were from one culture to the next. To actually meet beautiful women who are so nice, caring, and sincere, it was refreshing to meet women who are actually looking for real love, not just a penis with a wallet. And the best thing is they are much more beautiful and younger than the women I meet in America. I only wish I had discovered this 20 years ago.